5 creative suggestions for using video marketing for your jewellery company

Using these five ideas for jewellery marketing videos, you may raise the level of attention and interaction on your website and in your social media feed.

We hope you like this third and last instalment of our series on utilising video for marketing jewellery. In the first part of this series, we talked to two of the recipients of the Halstead Grant: Christina Grace of TIN HAUS and Emma Hoekstra of Emma Elizabeth Jewellery.

Our goal was to learn more about the significance of video content for your marketing approach. In Part 2, we spoke about how to make your own jewellery marketing films, starting with the concept all the way to uploading them online.

You are likely asking what kinds of films you should create now that you are aware of the reasons why jewellery marketing videos are so crucial and how to create them.

These are the primary kinds of films that you, as a jeweller, would want to include on your website or in your social media feed. While there are many different kinds of movies available, these are the most common ones.

  • Meet the Jeweler and Read About Me
  • Process Video
  • Production of videos for products
  • Engagement
  • Fun

1. A Little About Me and Get to Know the Jeweller

Businesses who sell jewellery and have their own websites might benefit from having access to films of this kind. The majority of these videos show the jeweller at work in his or her workshop and provide a glimpse of the production process that goes on behind the scenes, beginning with the design phase and continuing all the way through to the modelling of the final product.

 In most cases, the jeweller will deliver a voice over narration, which will provide the listener with some information on the jeweller’s world. About Me videos have a long shelf life, which means that you can produce one and not have to worry about the need to update it every month or year. This is in contrast to most other types of films, which normally have a higher production cost and will require more time and effort to develop.

You might also perform shorter, more witty ones designed especially for social media that are simpler to prepare and more impromptu in nature. If you take pictures of yourself working at your bench in a selfie-style and then display your other daily surroundings, you may provide your audience a fresh and entertaining perspective on what a day in your life is like.

What are the benefits of creating one?

About me Making a connection with your audience via the use of videos is an excellent strategy. People enjoy being able to put a face to a company, and hearing your voice lends an air of exclusivity to the experience.

They give a chance to inform customers directly about your company’s message, which is especially more crucial in these age of digital communication because you may never encounter some of your customers in person.

You may also give your consumers an in-depth look at the effort that goes into making each item, which is a subtle approach to demonstrate them that the prices you set for your jewellery are appropriate.

2. Process Video

Akin to the video titled “About Me,” in that it provides your consumers with a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes during the manufacturing of your jewellery. With this kind of film, the goal is not so much to create something that will stay for a long time as it is to engage your consumers on social media.

 People are always interested in learning how things are manufactured, and jewellery creation is no exception—especially for those individuals who have never attempted to make jewellery before. Who would have guessed that a simple sheet of metal could be transformed into such a stunning pendant!

These films are perfect for your social media platforms, and it won’t be difficult for you to upload them on a consistent basis.

They also do not call for a great deal of production and editing; the majority of them may be filmed on your smartphone and have cutaways to the many stages involved in the creation of the piece (design, prep, cutting & filing, soldering, finishing, and finished piece).

 You no longer need to worry about downloading an editing tool in order to produce videos on Instagram because the platform has made it simple to use royalty-free music in reels and stories.

What are the benefits of creating one?

Imagine that someone visits your booth at a craft show, and while they are there, they see a particular item of your work that captures their eye.

They engage in some conversation with you on it, but ultimately decide against making a purchase right away since they are undecided. You may offer them your business card, which has the handles for your various social media accounts, to ensure that they do not forget about your store the moment they leave it.

However, even that might not be enough because they will be visiting dozens of booths today. If you want to avoid having your business card buried at the bottom of the stack, you’ll need to figure out a way to stand out from the crowd.

Tell them that a month ago you released a video on your Instagram showing how the item they loved was manufactured; this will serve as an enticement for them to check out your other social media accounts.

You now have a higher chance of not just gaining another follower on social media, but also of gaining a paying client who connects with your brand via social media.

3. Videography of Products and Services

How do you provide clients who shop with you online a more in-depth look at your jewellery when they never really get to view it in person before making a purchase? Obviously with accompanying video!

They might have a low production value or a high production value, depending on where the video is released. You only need to film the video on your phone in order to create social media content such as showing off fresh new pieces or demonstrating how a pair of earrings looks while being worn.

You will want the video to have a greater production value if it is going to be used on your website to accompany still photographs of your products.

What are the benefits of creating one?

Videos are significantly more interesting to buyers and eye-catching, so using them to market your jewellery items while also garnering more interaction on social media is a simple and effective approach to accomplish both goals.

It is also vital to demonstrate via video any pieces that have distinctive kinetic features, such as whirling or shimmering when movement is applied to them. Customers will never be able to view these properties in the correct manner through a photograph.

4. Engagement Videos

These are videos for social media platforms that have been created expressly for the purpose of communicating with your audience. You can still interact with your audience even if you don’t go live by posting a video that provides an update about you or your business and includes a component that gets them to interact in some way.

 “Live” videos are the most obvious option for interaction, but you can still interact with your audience even if you don’t go live. A video that announces the debut of a new range of products with a beach theme may be one possible situation.

You may invite the viewers to comment with their most memorable beach experience at the very end of the video. Or, you may ask them whether a product from the new range reminds them of a beach they’ve been to and why that particular beach sticks out in their mind.

What are the benefits of creating one?

In today’s business environment, creating relationships and engaging in conversation with your customers is essential to your success. Customers like seeing the face(s) behind the brand, and the more engaging and realistic you are, the more customers will have a personal connection to you and begin to perceive you more as an internet buddy than a brand. Customers love to see the face(s) behind the brand.

Live videos are a fantastic tool for providing buyers with a closer look at a product before they purchase it, especially if the client would never have the opportunity to see the item in person.

A video is a lot better method to show off an item’s size and weight, and during a live session, a potential buyer can ask you to try on a set of earrings to see how they fall on the shoulder or whether they will hang heavy on the ears. Video is a much better way to show off an item’s size and weight.

5. Videos for Fun

Although the Fun videos are similar to the Engagement videos in which you are attempting to form a connection with your customer, the goal of the Fun videos is not to motivate the customer to interact with the video but rather to provide them with something that will make them laugh or bring them a moment of happiness while they watch the video.

Because of this, you are free to let your imagination run wild, and the things you are photographing do not have to take centre stage.

 Try making movies such as “A Day in the Life of (Studio Pet),” parodies of music videos, or even a faux “in-depth interview” with yourself. The goal is to create content that is entertaining for both you and your clients to watch.

What are the benefits of creating one?

These kinds of movies are a fantastic way to inject some humanity into your company’s social media and online presence. Customers enjoy it when a brand, no matter how serious it is, displays a little bit (or a lot) of comedy.

People use social media to be entertained, so including some lighthearted posts alongside your more serious ones will not only encourage more people to interact with the fun content you share, but it will also encourage them to interact actively with the posts you share more frequently.

We have provided you with a few suggestions, but there are countless other categories of videos that you can create. Just keep in mind that any video material, regardless of the sort you attempt to create, will be beneficial for your social media platforms.

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