Additional Sources of Income for Your Jewellery Company

When you operate a jewellery business, you might feel the need to pick up a second job now and again. This could be due to a need for more income, or it could be because you want to add more jewelry-related expertise to your portfolio. Sarah Rachel Brown is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to profitable side businesses for jewellers.

My response to the inquiry “What do you do?” varies considerably from one day to the next. My strategy for building a stable career as an artist involves combining a full-time work in the jewellery business with a variety of part-time and freelance opportunities.

These part-time jobs, sometimes known as “side hustles” as they are referred to by many other people, allow me to avoid the stress of living paycheck to paycheck while also fostering my creative spirit.

It was a deliberate choice on my part to put my skills to use in a related side business, so I can say that I belong to the group of people whose side hustles are related to their primary line of work.

 Because I want how I make my livelihood to be reflective of the things I want to accomplish in the long run, I continue to choose meaningful experience above that appealing and well-paid bartending employment. Why should I even consider working at a restaurant if I have no interest in owning one?

When you’re already managing a small jewellery business, it might feel like you’re juggling numerous jobs all at once. If more cash flow is required to develop the business, it’s critical to be strategic about the work that you take on.

 My side hustles have been extremely beneficial to both the development of my professional skills and the maintenance of my financial security as my career as a jeweller has advanced. You should look for chances that will not only generate you money but also help you develop as a small company owner in the jewellery industry.


This choice can be approached in a variety of different ways. Don’t let yourself get constrained in your thinking about the ways in which you might monetize your expertise; instead, look beyond the box of conventional educational settings.

Hold a casual workshop in the space that you have available. If you have the room, put it to good use! I would recommend getting your feet wet by organising a low-key event such as a stacking ring class, in which a small group of close friends gathers to learn how to create basic rings out of wire.

Charge a sum comparable to what you would spend on a night out with your friends and ensure that the experience includes not just the finished item but also refreshments and snacks. Maintain a concise, controllable, and limited scope.

If you have 5 participants and everyone pays $75, your total revenue will be $375. Because you will be putting in a significant amount of preparation work, your profit margin will be low the first time around.

 However, if you get things streamlined, presenting a weekly class may mean an additional $1,000 to $2,000 in your pocket each month.Check with the community art centres in your area and offer to host a workshop over the course of a week or a weekend.

You won’t be away from your own studio for an excessive amount of time if you take part in short-format workshops, which are an excellent method to build up your teaching expertise. Reach out to them and let them know that you are interested in participating without waiting to be asked.

If you have a Master of Fine Arts degree, many different schools and institutions are looking for adjunct teachers. Although I’m not a huge fan of the adjunct hustle because it allows schools to avoid giving full-time teaching positions that come with benefits, it is a viable option if you run a small business and are able to devote one or two nights a week to teaching.

 However, I’m not a huge fan of the adjunct hustle because it allows schools to avoid giving full-time teaching positions that come with benefits.The creation of passive revenue may be accomplished effectively via the use of online tutorials.

 Invest some time and effort into creating high-quality videos that are instructive and beautifully produced, which you can then promote and make available for download for a one-time cost. Your passive revenue would amount to $800 per month if 10 individuals downloaded your film each week at a cost of $20 each download.

Social Media

Even though I am poor at maintaining a constant posting schedule on my personal accounts, if you pay me to manage your social media accounts, I am a great manager.

Those individuals who do not have significant portions of the workweek to devote outside of their studio but maybe have some time to give in the mornings or evenings may find this to be a useful alternative.

You are looking for job but you aren’t sure where to look. You should begin by making an announcement on your own channels that you are offering social media management on a part-time basis.

This may be as straightforward as promising to post to another person’s account two to three times each week. Instead of billing them by post, tell them your monthly pricing and explain what it is that they may expect from you.

 Make sure you have a contract in place to guarantee that both you and the customer are on the same page regarding the amount of time you are able to devote to meeting the client’s requirements.

You can’t upload anything if you don’t have material, and this is one area in which I find that creatives continuously desire support. You may charge your customer for your content-creation services on a per-day or per-hour basis.

This will allow the client to have your whole focus in their studio while you shoot photographs, record videos, and come up with copy for their various platforms. Make sure that you account for the time needed for editing! Again, you should have an agreement that outlines the deliverables in detail as well as the timeline for when you should expect to receive them.


Because there are so many administrative chores that can only be completed online, it should not be too difficult to locate part-time job that will allow you to do so from the comfort of your own home and on your own terms.

 Make contact with companies or organisations to which you already belong and let them know you are open to receiving offers of employment from them. It is worthwhile to go through job banks for opportunities to work on projects that might not be directly linked to jewellery but will help you enhance your abilities.

Keeping the books involves a wide array of responsibilities; thus, you should ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of what is required of you and that you possess the knowledge necessary to fulfil those responsibilities.

Get your certification through an online training programme if you do not already possess the necessary abilities. This is a circumstance in which the proprietor of a small firm comes out ahead.

The upkeep of computer data may sound tedious, and in all likelihood, it is, but there are times when it’s wonderful to have a duty that doesn’t need an excessive amount of cerebral effort from you. Why not take the job if the compensation is acceptable and you can do it from the comfort of your own studio?

In general, being proficient in computer tools such as Excel and Quickbooks is necessary for administrative work. It is my recommendation that you first acquire these abilities and then look for a side gig that gives you the opportunity to put them to use and expand your expertise in the relevant programmes. Your modest jewellery shop will be grateful to you for it.

Providing Services To A Number Of Other Jewelers

Take advantage of your desire to spend more time at your bench if you have it. Again, go out to the members of your creative community and let them know that you would be willing to assist a fellow studio jeweller in exchange for some additional compensation.

Working by the piece rather than by the hour This indicates that you are paid a certain amount per item for cleaning, cutting, polishing, and the like. Efficiency is the most important factor in this strategy, and as a result, there is a possibility that at first you won’t make too much money, but that your earnings will increase as time goes on.

 Efficiency is a talent that all studio jewellers need to have, and this is a great method to work on developing that skill!It’s wonderful to get out of your own studio every once in a while and spend time with other jewellers who have aims or hobbies that are similar to your own.

 If you can find a job as a bench jeweller that just requires you to put in one or two days of work per week in a positive studio setting, you should take it. If the circumstances are appropriate, you might be able to benefit much from having a mentor in your life.

Unanticipated Window of Opportunity

Since the year 2010, I have been diligently working to establish myself as a jeweller and instructor, and in the most recent years, I have been offered extremely specialised positions as a result of my efforts.

 Because experience is priceless and essential for diversifying one’s revenue sources, I usually accept every great chance that comes my way, even if I believe that I lack the requisite qualifications.

You only need to be competent enough to complete the task at hand or have the acumen to figure things out as you go along. It is not necessary for you to be an expert in every endeavour that you do.

People may be divided into two categories: those who enjoy giving speeches in public and those who are terrified of doing so. This might be a wonderful side employment for you if you are the type of person who enjoys expressing their opinions in front of an audience.

When you say yes to presenting a presentation for the first time, you should be aware that it is quite probable that you will put in a lot more effort than what you get compensated for. My collection of presentations is the culmination of many years of labour put into their development and refinement.

Discover a subject for which you have a deep interest, put in the effort to develop an informative presentation on the subject, and let your creative community know that you want to share it with them.

Include it on your company’s website. If you do not publicise what it is that you are selling, then how will anyone know about it? Invest some time and effort into creating a page on your website that details the many seminars you provide, whether they are focused on pricing or jewellery manufacturing.

 You’d be amazed to learn how many colleges and institutions are looking for visiting artists, and these opportunities typically include some kind of travel, which may provide a welcome diversion from working in a studio setting.

It is important to keep in mind that if someone offers you a job, they have already determined that you are competent for the position; therefore, you should not allow impostor syndrome get the better of you. Say that you agree, and then make it happen.

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