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  • Which Online Shopping Platform Is the Best Fit for Your Jewellery Company?

    When it comes to selling your jewellery online, you have a variety of alternatives available to you. Continue reading to find out why it is beneficial to have your own website as well as which e-commerce platforms are the most often used. It is essential that you locate the appropriate internet platform for your jewellery […]

  • The significance of establishing a brand for your jewellery

    You’ve probably heard of branding. When you first start promoting your jewellery business, you will frequently come across the term “branding.” But what exactly is branding, and why is it considered to be of such critical importance? Gain a deeper understanding of this critically essential approach of promoting jewellery. The term “branding,” like to many […]

  • Multiple Online Marketplaces for the Sale of Jewellery

    Now more than ever before, it is essential for your jewellery company to have a robust presence online. Typically, this involves selling products on many platforms in addition to simply your website. Keeping tabs on everything, whether through your social network accounts or a marketplace like Etsy or Amazon, may be challenging at times. I […]

  • Halstead Offers Excellent Job Opportunities in the Prescott, Arizona Area

    Welcome! We are excited that you are thinking about a future with Halstead as an employee. If you want to know if working at Halstead is the perfect choice for you, have a look at the excellent employee benefits listed below. Welcome! We are a business specialising in online sales and shipping, and our headquarters […]

  • Constructing a Workforce of Independent Contractors for Your Jewellery Company

    When you are ready to recruit assistance for the chores associated with your jewellery business, you should think about constructing a team of independent contractors. Read through Kristen Baird’s account of the process she went through to employ her team, as well as the advice she offers for how you may effectively hire your own […]

  • Advice on How to Get Started Selling Custom Jewellery

    Are you considering providing commissioned work but are unsure how to get started? Check out Kristen Baird’s advice on how to approach bespoke work such that it provides a positive experience not just for you but also for the people who hire you as a service provider. You have entered the wonderful realm of bespoke […]

  • 5 Suggestions for Running a Profitable Jewelry Company

    The most enjoyable aspect of running your own jewellery business is getting to design and create the pieces you sell. But the fact of the matter is that if you own a jewellery business, you are responsible for managing the business side of things. Continue reading for our top five suggestions for operating a prosperous […]