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  • Tutorial on How to Film Your Own Video

    You’ve made the decision to transition from photographing jewels into the world of filmmaking. Learn how to make a fantastic video from beginning to end by reading our in-depth essay on the topic! We hope you like this second installment of our series on utilizing video for marketing jewelry. Part 1 of this series featured […]

  • Putting Your Family Front and Center: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Doing So in Marketing

    Jewelry designer and mother Lisa Lehmann walks us through how to use your family in marketing throughout our conversation. She explores the reasons why it might be challenging and provides useful advice and questions to ask yourself that will assist you in making a decision about what to share. As owners of a small business, […]

  • Marketing Strategies for the Jewelry Industry:

     Influencer Marketing Over the past few years, influencer marketing has become an increasingly useful strategy that has also expanded and developed.  You may use this strategy to sell your jewellery business. Continue reading to have a better understanding of how to make the most of this marketing tool. Over the past few years, influencer marketing […]

  • Marketing Advice for the Jewelry Industry: Get to Know Your Clientele

    Successful marketing efforts are built on a solid foundation that begins with accurate client targeting. Continue reading for advice that will help you better understand your clientele and maximise the effectiveness of your marketing approach. Knowing who your consumer is and how to sell to them effectively is one of the most important aspects of […]

  • How to Overcome Your Concerns Regarding the Use of Video Marketing to Advertise Your Jewellery

    We conduct an interview with two of our previous Halstead Grant Winners to gain some insight on why video is important for jewellery businesses and the benefits they’ve seen from utilizing it in their operations. We hope you enjoy this first installment of our series on utilizing video for marketing jewellery. In the following articles, […]

  • Advice for Jewelry Marketing: Developing Content

    When you are selling your jewellery online or building a community around your brand, you need to provide your clients with something to read, watch, and look at. This is especially important if you sell jewellery.  Your company may really benefit from implementing a sound content marketing plan right about now. Continue reading for some […]

  • 5 creative suggestions for using video marketing for your jewellery company

    Using these five ideas for jewellery marketing videos, you may raise the level of attention and interaction on your website and in your social media feed. We hope you like this third and last instalment of our series on utilising video for marketing jewellery. In the first part of this series, we talked to two […]