Halstead Offers Excellent Job Opportunities in the Prescott, Arizona Area

Welcome! We are excited that you are thinking about a future with Halstead as an employee. If you want to know if working at Halstead is the perfect choice for you, have a look at the excellent employee benefits listed below.


We are a business specialising in online sales and shipping, and our headquarters are in the breathtaking Prescott Mountains in the state of Arizona. Please have a look below at our available employment possibilities as well as our competitive employee benefits package.

Start off on the right foot by working for a company that is owned and operated in the community. Since 1982, we have been happy to provide our services to customers from all over the world from our location in the Prescott region.

Jobs in E-Commerce Are Available Right Now in Prescott, Arizona

As of the month of April 2022, the following roles are still available. Send your résumé and any questions you have about the available positions to jobs@halsteadbead.com. You can also obtain detailed job descriptions there.

These are full-time employment that need candidates to be present in Prescott, Arizona. The ability to work from home is not available for these positions. Are you looking for a job that you can do part-time? Please scroll down to view our part-time employment opportunities.

  • Order Picker in the Role of a Logistics Associate
  • Specialist in Logistics and Inventory Management

Who Are We, Really?

We are an online jewellery supply company that serves jewellery businesses of all sizes and in all areas of the jewellery industry. Our customers include both major and small studios (pun intended).

 In order to help hardworking families that aspire to live life on their own terms, Halstead thinks that small companies may be a powerful source of assistance. Our economy, as well as the realisation of the “American dream” for many would-be company owners, is driven by small businesses.

Building a jewellery studio requires a lot of persistence, which we admire and appreciate because we are aware of how challenging it is. We make it our mission to serve as a voice of advocacy and a vital link in the supply chain for small jewellery enterprises located all over the world.

Although our primary focus is on eCommerce supplier sourcing, we do provide supplementary programmes in order to better serve the needs of our community of jewellery designers. Through the many resource portals on our website, we disseminate instructional articles and videos on a regular basis.

 Jewellers may take advantage of our free annual Jewellery Business Forum online conference, which focuses on providing them with training in small business skills.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that we are a sponsor of the Halstead Grant, which is an annual financing award for new jewellery business owners that was created in the year 2006.

In the end, we think what matters most in terms of sustainability is people. We are aware that our crew is our most valuable asset. We put a significant amount of resources into the ongoing education of all of our employees.

 In addition, we provide a comprehensive benefits package that consists of health insurance, a substantial amount of paid time off, a retirement plan, and a relaxed working atmosphere.

Benefits Packages for Halstead Employees

Employ yourself at a company that has the cultural feel of a locally owned small business while still providing you with the advantages and benefits of a global eCommerce organisation. A significant number of members of our staff have been with us for more than ten years.


Wages That Are Competitive

Wages for full-time work begin between $17 and $18 per hour.


After three years of service, employees are eligible to begin receiving SEP retirement contributions at no additional cost. The amount differs according on the profitability of the firm, but on a consistent basis, it is substantially more than the majority of 401(k) retirement schemes.

 Our goal contribution range for the SEP is between 3 percent and 7 percent of the total annual pay that is contributed to the retirement accounts of employees who are eligible for it each fall.

Participation in Profits

When a firm is lucrative, employees who participate in a profit-sharing programme are eligible to receive a bonus equal to a percentage of the company’s net profit during incentive quarters. There is no set amount.

Up to four times each year, these profit-sharing incentives are included in paychecks and given out to employees. The basic salaries are in addition to any profit-sharing that may be awarded. Your eligibility will begin sixty days after the first day you worked.

PTO & Paid Holidays

In comparison to the majority of employers in the United States, Halstead provides much greater paid vacation time and paid holidays (including a 5-7 day winter break).

 New full-time recruits are eligible to earn 14 days of paid time off every year, in addition to the holidays and the winter break. At Halstead, the major employment anniversary years result in a rise in the PTO accrual schedule.

Consistent Schedules

No more sacrificing your weekends or staying at the office late into the night to make ends meet. The workweek at Halstead follows a typical schedule, running from Monday to Friday, and the company does not allow for overtime.

 You won’t have to worry about obtaining enough shifts either, which is a huge relief. Employees hired on a full-time basis are expected to work a standard work week of 40 hours.

Program for Assisting with College Expenses

Accessible to concurrent student workers who are enrolled in Yavapai College programmes leading to degrees or certificates that have been authorised.


Health Insurance

Halstead provides four strong plan choices from Blue Cross Blue Shield AZ. The employee contribution goes from $10-$50 per month depending on the plan you pick. Halstead covers the balance of the premiums for each registered employee.

Vision & Dental

Vision & Dental insurance are optional at extra monthly costs.

Life Insurance

All full-time workers receive a Term Life Insurance coverage plan via Principal with $0 employee payment. This is totally covered by Halstead and valid while your employment.

Supplemental Aflac Insurance

Optional supplemental policies can assist compensate lost income if you are forced to leave work or step in to help cover out-of-pocket expenditures on your health insurance coverage under specific situations.

                        WORK ENVIRONMENT

Rewarding Work Environment

Halstead is a leader in our field. We’ve been in business for over 50 years so we have time-tested processes in place. But we never stop pushing forward with new initiatives, the newest technology, and solid strategic objectives.

 We may wear jeans and t-shirts to work most days but we still have the top talent in Prescott! Every work team in the firm executes at high standards to deliver the finest possible experience to our clients with every single Halstead transaction.

We always push ahead to face new problems to expand the business and enhance our workforce. Job with the absolute best and feel good about the work you do to assist small company ambitions all around the world when you join the Halstead family.

Monthly Celebration Lunches

Relax and socialise with your coworkers as you enjoy complimentary monthly lunches to honour birthdays. It’s a vital element of our office culture to all dine together in the community break room for this special day.

Office Fun

We love having a little fun during holidays and enjoying excellent company with yearly events like our summer picnic, fall food truck night, and winter Christmas party.

Dog Friendly

Make some new animal pals or receive some dog therapy with various workplace canines each time you need a little puppy love.


Metalsmithing Classes

Metalsmithing fundamentals education from our Studio Coordinator through our free classes during work hours. About six training are conducted each year so every Halstead employee knows our goods and clients. You get to keep whatever jewellery you produce!

Computer & Technology Skills

We use desktop computers and/or mobile computerised workstations in every role at Halstead. As an eCommerce firm, technology is intertwined throughout everything we do! Build your abilities on the job, via online skills training, and in team learning sessions.

Communication & Professional Development Skills

Soft skills and professionalism are equally as vital as tangible work abilities. We assist our employees create these professional foundations through our in-house programmes and extra online training.

Mentoring & Career Development

We set aside time for one-on-one sessions with your manager at regular intervals for job coaching and career mentorship. These milestones are crucial to maintaining open communication and assisting our workers to thrive.

Halstead invites diverse applications. We are delighted to be an equal opportunity employer. All eligible candidates shall receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, age, veteran status, or other protected status.

Smoking is not permitted on the premises.


Our warehouse is responsible for choosing, packaging, and sending out thousands of goods everyday. We sell almost 4,000 distinct little items for jewellery makers! You won’t see forklifts here, our product line is primarily little parts.

But we relocate a LOT of them. We are experts in inventory control and product turnaround. Our logistics staff keeps it all humming utilising the newest technology together with proven inventory management know-how.

There are multiple jobs working together on this team. A quick overview is presented here. More comprehensive job descriptions for vacant roles are available upon request.

Logistics Team Positions

  • FT Logistics Associate – Order Picker or Shipper
  • FT Inventory Specialist
  • PT Packaging Associate

Essential Duties Examples

  • Fulfill orders from a digital picklist on a mobile surface tablet
  • Process inventory quality measures and accurate pre-counts
  • Maintain inventory records, updates, and location tracking
  • Research and problem-solve order or inventory difficulties
  • Maintain clean and orderly work spaces


  • Strong computer abilities with desktop and mobile technologies using tools such as Excel, Word, and messaging/ email programmes
  • Ability to work on feet all day and lift 20 pounds
  • Excellent attitude, positive teamwork, regular and consistent attendance
  • Manual dexterity to handle little pieces the size of a coin and smaller throughout each day
  • Basic arithmetic abilities to convert units of measure, choose the proper amount of packages and complete inventory counts.

 Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and changing a decimal point are all important each day. A skills evaluation to establish job readiness will be given to confirm employment.

FT Inventory Specialist roles include extra prerequisites like stock or inventory management experience as well as more sophisticated Excel analysis skills

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