Marketing Strategies for the Jewelry Industry:

 Influencer Marketing

Over the past few years, influencer marketing has become an increasingly useful strategy that has also expanded and developed.

 You may use this strategy to sell your jewellery business. Continue reading to have a better understanding of how to make the most of this marketing tool.

Over the past few years, influencer marketing has been increasingly popular. In spite of how much it has expanded throughout that time period, it has also developed.

Let’s take a look at what influencer marketing is and how it works so that you may implement it successfully in your jewellery company. Influencer marketing is a method that can be beneficial.

What exactly is involved in Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a sort of paid advertising that entails cooperating with a social media star that possesses a significant amount of influence.

They often have a specialised field in which they are a prominent figure. i.e. travel, fashion, parenthood, etc. In most cases, a fixed amount of money is given to influencers for each post they make.

You may opt to make this a one-time post or establish a collaboration that will involve multiple postings over the course of some period of time. Affiliate marketing and influencer marketing are not the same thing.

Affiliate marketing is when a small business partners with an established website or person, and the established website or person receives a portion of the income based on their performance or the number of customers they bring in. Influencer marketing should not be confused with affiliate marketing.

When we think of some of the most powerful mega-influencers, such as celebrities who have millions of fans, we frequently think of famous people.

 These influencers may often demand six figures each post, which is typically well above the financial means of a tiny jewellery company. Nevertheless, there are a variety of degrees of influencers that are available at prices that are more reasonable for small organisations.

 Nano influencers often have fewer than 10,000 followers, making them the most insignificant level of the three. A micro influencer is someone who has up to one hundred thousand followers.

 And lastly, someone who has between 100,000 and a million followers is considered a macro influencer. Some organisations have a further layer for mid-level influencers who have between 100,000 and 500,000 followers.

Why Run Campaigns With Influencers?

A number of factors contributed to the rise in popularity of the influencer approach. They have developed a high level of trust with their followers, and as a result, when an influencer displays a product that they adore, their followers are aware that there is a strong likelihood that they will adore the thing as well.

In the case of a piece of jewellery, the influencer may comment on how well it has withstood the rigours of regular wear or highlight a particular characteristic that makes it suitable for their lifestyle.

Display advertisements often produce lower ROIs than influencer marketing campaigns because of their higher production costs. Influencer marketing initiatives, on the other hand, normally have lower production costs.

 In addition to the trust aspect that was discussed before, these postings have a greater chance of being viewed than a typical advertisement does because of ad blockers and the different algorithms and rules that social media platforms use.

 Due to the fact that advertisements now dominate online pages and social feeds, many consumers have developed immune to their effects.

For instance, here at Halstead, we frequently collaborate with jewellery teachers who include our wares in their instructional materials. In her videos, Melissa Muir frequently utilises our settings and stones, and Eva Sherman frequently showcases pieces that she has constructed that include our product, such as wire.

Finding Someone Who Can Influence You

It is going to require some investigation on your part to discover who the ideal influencer is for your jewellery company. When looking for people who have influence in your field, be sure to keep the following in mind.

Your Name in the Market

You should try to identify someone who already exemplifies your brand, preferably in the form of your ideal consumer. Find influencers that meet the profile of your ideal customer.

For example, if your business caters to stay-at-home mothers who are searching for jewellery that is simple in appearance but durable enough to endure the wear and tear of a young child, you should hunt for influencers who fit that profile.

 Don’t limit your search because you want to find someone who has at least 20,000 followers, despite the fact that this is an essential criterion.

 An influencer who writes about staying at home with her children and has 15,000 followers could be more likely to have an audience that is similar to your target demographic than an influencer who writes about taking her children on vacation and has 25,000 followers.

Beware of the influencers that message you out of the blue. Some of these accounts may be actual influencers who are a fit for your jewellery company, but many are also much smaller than they let on and hoping for free merchandise. If you don’t think someone is a good match for your brand, don’t be scared to say no.

Try running a Google or YouTube search for influencers. This is going to offer you a lengthy list of people who may not truly be what you’re searching for, so be sure to include a term like “blogger” in your search to discover someone.

 Check your present followers or check at your competitor’s social media to determine whether they work with influencers. On Instagram, try conducting a search by hashtags or a search by subject on Tik Tok.

Think about any local influencers if you have a physical location. There may be someone widely recognised in your region who might work with you.

Many influencers also work with agencies to connect with businesses. This may be a simple approach to connect with someone if you’re seeking for a bigger audience or don’t have local influencers.


Some influencers may operate primarily on one app or they may have a presence on many. Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook are all extremely diverse social media sites with varied audiences, restrictions, and formats.

 An influencer should know what their preferred platform wants from them and what would work for their audience. Once you know the platform you want to focus on, try running a search on that specific platform.

Your Budget

How much are you able to spend on an influencer? The average ranges from $10 for a micro influencer to over $10k for a mega influencer. Micro influencers charge, on average, up to $500 each post.

Also consider about your time budget. Working with an influencer may involve more time or more management on your behalf. Make sure you’re able to put in the time to work with someone.

Your Goals

Think about what you’re trying to gain out of an influencer collaboration and how you’ll consider it a success. Are you looking for sales? Brand awareness? New followers? When success is built on greater sales, the best approach to measure sales from an influencer is to give an exclusive deal to their following.

Tips for Using Influencers to Sell Jewelry

Give the influencer precise information or rules about promoting your product but acknowledge that they know their audience best. For example, if they’re presenting a gold-filled piece make sure they grasp the restrictions around gold-filled and what they can and can’t name it.

 But allow them the liberty to be creative and offer the material to their audience in a way they think will work best. Ask for a draught to approve before posting if you want to make sure their post matches with your brand.

Make sure you check out their engagement rate. When you reach out to an influencer, they may tell you the engagement rate of their posts, but also look at how much they connect with their audience. Do they publish something then hang around in the comments?

There are a few various ways you may collaborate with an influencer. A brand share post would be an awareness campaign to showcase your jewellery to a broader audience. With this campaign you may ask for a shout out to follow your page, check out your website, etc.

This may not be the simplest campaign to track, but it is a quick method to get your brand out there. You could chosen to conduct a promotional campaign. Give the influencer a special coupon to share with their followers – maybe a percent-off discount, free shipping, or a free gift with purchase.

 Since everyone who uses this code will have reached you via this influencer, this is an easy method to track how effectively an influencer campaign is performing.

If you decide to continue working with a certain influencer (I.e. the campaigns run well, you’re receiving a high ROI from them), consider trying a co-host campaign with them.

 When your new collection is ready to market, try doing an exclusive first look with the influencer to launch it. If you’re able to join them in a video or picture series, it’s also a terrific opportunity to introduce yourself to the influencer’s audience who has benefited your business.

Although influencer campaigns are typically a great strategy for jewellery firms, they need to be done appropriately.

 Many a celebrities have been caught copying and pasting a message that states “Post this on Instagram” and come out as merely performing a commercial for money, not because they genuinely enjoy the product.

 Work with your influencer to discover a product they feel comfortable about supporting and provide them knowledge about the item, the material, or the process so their post will come out as authentic.

Resources for Influencer Marketing

Working with an influencer is typically a clever, yet complicated, marketing tactic. If it’s something you wish to attempt, check out these resources.

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