Pinterest as a platform for marketing your jewellery

Learn how to sell your jewellery on Pinterest with the help of Andrea Li, a jeweller who is also an expert in marketing on Pinterest.

She covers the reasons why Pinterest is a unique platform as well as the new capabilities that will assist your jewellery company and the reasons why these features will be beneficial.

Making a Pinterest-related shopping plan at the moment

Welcoming you to the beginning of a new era in shopping

More than $861 billion was spent online by consumers in the United States in 2020, representing a growth of 44 percent from 2019 and over three times the 15.1 percent rise seen the year prior. (1)

 Care to take a guess as to what’s behind this trend? You and other customers who are similar to you. That’s right; we’ve finally finished the process of turning back the clock to our days as hunter-gatherers, and now we can live without ever having to leave the house again.

Convenience is of the utmost importance, and businesses are making substantial changes in order to meet customers where they are. I’ll bet you can figure out where it is given that more than half of the people in the globe use some form of social media. (2)

 You read it correctly; more than half of the world’s population spends an average of two hours and twenty-seven minutes every day on social networking websites. (3)

(2) It is therefore not hard to understand why advertisers perceive social media platforms as potential gold mines that come replete with captive audiences. In addition to this, the platforms themselves have recognised these tendencies a long time ago and have immediately capitalised on them to increase their revenue.

The good news is that online retailers of any size may reap benefits from extending their e-commerce sites to include a shoppable presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Since there are no costs associated with doing so, the only decision that remains is which platforms are the most appropriate for your company.

 Read this post on selling your wares on different platforms to gain some valuable knowledge. Facebook and Instagram are two social media platforms that are easy to recommend and make sense for virtually every audience.

 Even the meteoric emergence of TikTok is providing younger generations of customers with increased accessibility, but what about Pinterest? What is it about the people who use Pinterest that differentiates them from someone who is simply going through their Instagram feed?

In this essay, I’ll discuss a few topics connected to shopping and business on Pinterest, including the following:Why do you use Pinterest?

The New Shopping Features Available on Pinterest

  • New Resources to Help Merchants Establish Their Businesses
  • New Shopping Features Available to Retailers
  • Pinterest Shopping and Other Related Topics
  • Watch the Jewelers Business Forum Webinar that Andrea Hosted on Pinterest Marketing for Jewelers

Why do you use Pinterest?

In response to these queries, I have two words for you: search intent and putting the emphasis on search. Let’s look at an example to better understand these two terms.

You will probably be able to empathise with a user who visits Pinterest because they have recently gotten engaged or because they intend to renovate their kitchen.

 Back in the day, if you wanted some inspiration, you may head to the newsstand in your town and thumb through some glossy magazines. Pinterest is the current alternative to such periodicals, and it may provide users with ideas on virtually any topic they may be interested in researching for creative inspiration.

Pinterest is a place where users go to plan the life they enjoy living. Users actively look for certain concepts in order to assist them form their project or vision or find a solution to a problem. The users will then save these ideas or pins to boards as part of the planning process.

 This will, in effect, create a shopping list for the users to refer to when they are ready to make a purchase. Because of this, people who shop on Pinterest spend an average of 80 percent more each month than people who buy on other platforms, and they also have baskets that are 40 percent larger in size. (3)

Envision having the opportunity to interact with prospective customers who are very active in the planning stage of their project. Because the consumer experience on Pinterest is so natural, it is simple for your business to go from being discovered to being purchased using Pinterest.

Perhaps this is why consumers are nearly seven times more likely to purchase things that they have bookmarked for later (Pinterest Internal Data, May 2021).

You are not the only one who has felt annoyed by the popularity battle on Instagram; in fact, you are in good company.

The amount of interaction with your posts has a direct bearing on the number of followers you have, and gaining new ones is, at best, difficult to do. Instagram does this because it distributes material depending on user behaviour, which is something you have no influence over.

Pinterest operates in a distinctive manner by introducing users to content relevant to their interests using keywords that may be modified by the user.

 If you effectively optimise your content with keywords, your pins will be shown to those who are actively looking for your items, even if you don’t have many followers. Users are able to easily locate what they are looking for on Pinterest because to the search feature that resembles that of a concierge.

 Because of the customised search capabilities, 77% of Pinterest users have found new brands to follow while using the platform. Additionally, this is the reason why 83% of them have made purchases based on what they saw in the advertisement. (4)

If you ask anyone who maintains a website what their most important source of frustration is, I can virtually promise the answer will revolve around a single word: traffic. Pinterest is not bashful about giving traffic referrals to other websites because of the distinctive functionality it offers as a search engine.

 Let’s be honest: it’s in everyone’s best interest if you stick around for a while. Longer stays on a platform help businesses keep their lights on and maintain competitive stock prices, but some of them intentionally make it tough to quit the platform. Is there a connection in the bio that you recognise? In the meanwhile, Pinterest provides you with every chance to connect your content straight to the location on your website where you want to generate visitors.

Imagine if you were able to reroute even a small portion of the traffic that Pinterest receives from its more than 400 million visitors on a monthly basis to your own website.

You’re in luck because precisely that function is shared by Pinterest. Over the course of the past year, traffic referrals from Pinterest to other merchants more than doubled.

Given that jewellery is explored by 70 percent of Pinterest users, I’m willing to wager that many of the businesses that benefited from the traffic referrals were jewellery designers just like you. (5)

Pinterest is aware of its unique location in the market as a search engine and the ways in which users interact with the site as a resource for making plans. As a result of this, Pinterest is giving the eCommerce capabilities a higher priority in order to assist both its users and the merchants it works with.

 It should thus come as no surprise that the number of customers making purchases through the platform has increased by 44% year on year.

(6) Knowing the goals of users who visit the site is only half the fight; having this knowledge is essential. The other half consists of bringing those intentions to life through the creation of features.

Pinterest, which is seeing an increase in the number of people using its platform, has been hard at work developing new methods to introduce those users to the company’s many merchants.

In the next part, you and I are going to investigate Pinterest’s recently added features and determine why those features should important to businesses who sell their products on Pinterest.

Discover the Latest Shopping Features Offered by Pinterest

If you have used Pinterest in the past, it is probable that you have engaged with the platform’s three primary functions, which are search, pins, and boards. Pinterest’s processes have been improved across the board thanks to new capabilities that have been added.

 If you make improvements in these fundamental areas, you may be able to provide your consumers with a more satisfying shopping experience and make it easier for them to interact with your brand and the other merchants on the platform.

A comprehensive overview of how consumers may interact with items sold by merchants on Pinterest can be seen below, broken down into its three distinct features:

When looking for ideas like layered necklaces, users may go through the things that are available by clicking on the shop tab.

Pinterest will display relevant shoppable product pins while a user is going through the home feed and clicks on a pin showing a great piece of jewellery. In this example, the user is viewing the home feed.

When users save pins to boards, they now have access to a specialised store part of the app.

The following characteristics are connected in some way to each of these regions: To begin, let’s dig right in and take a deeper look at how the customer as well as the vendor might gain from this. In a later section, I will demonstrate how you may become a Pinterest merchant on your own and take use of the various selling options available for your company.

Purchase Goods Via Boards

What it is: Pinners will be able to view a dedicated Shop area on their boards. This part will include product ideas that are based on and inspired by the content that they have saved.

 The ‘taste-driven’ algorithm that recommends items has recently been expanded to include a specific feature called ‘Your Shop,’ which also promotes companies and Creators that are active on the site.

The new functionality is now being tested in beta in the United States, with the intention of releasing it to a wider audience this year. (7)

Why it is significant – Your product pins may be shown in this board store area, which is comprised of pinners who have saved material that is comparable to your jewellery.

These recommendations are an expansion of the Smart Feed that is created for a user based on the most recent engagements the user has had with other pins on the platform.

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