Putting Your Family Front and Center: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Doing So in Marketing

Jewelry designer and mother Lisa Lehmann walks us through how to use your family in marketing throughout our conversation. She explores the reasons why it might be challenging and provides useful advice and questions to ask yourself that will assist you in making a decision about what to share.

As owners of a small business, we frequently have to fill a variety of roles. Both the creators and the photographers are a part of our team. In addition to being in charge of accounting, we are in charge of the shipping department.

 We evolve into the field of graphic design. And? In addition to all of those other responsibilities, we are in charge of marketing and our social media! Simply typing down that list is taxing, much less really carrying out all of those activities on a daily basis.

It requires self-control in addition to a healthy dose of insanity! However, the benefits of being your own boss make the sacrifice worthwhile. THE VAST MAJORITY OF the time.

Throughout the course of the day, we are constantly making minute judgments. When it comes to marketing and social media, things tend to get a little bit complicated and muddled. The boundaries between personal and professional life are not always clear.

 Not to mention the fact that we are constantly barraged with it throughout the day. It is not difficult to observe “what everyone else” is doing, whether they are large corporations or tiny firms like ours. Because of this, it may be difficult to determine what is best for YOU.

There are a million different pieces of information that can be found on the internet that may tell you what you should do, how you should do it, and when you should do it. To me? That’s a whole lot of “SHOULDS,” which has the potential to be really overpowering.

 And when you’re trying to do that while also taking care of your family? When it comes down to it, marketing is simply one more choice that has the potential to push us over the brink!!

Utilize Your Expertise in the Market

The majority of us do not have access to marketing teams, picture studios, skilled writers, models, or any other such resources. This indicates that we must make use of both the resources at our disposal and the information we already possess.

 And quite often, that becomes what is in front of us at that very moment. From using our dining room table as a temporary photographic set up to our children and pets to our own family members.

This raises the following question: Is it a smart idea to involve your loved ones in the marketing of your company? Is it beneficial to tell stories, or does it have the potential to do harm? In all honesty, I believe that this is both a yes and a no response.

In 2001, when I first started conceptualising and fabricating jewellery, the term “social media” did not yet exist. It seemed that weblogs were going to be the next big thing.

Twitter was the platform to use if you wanted to participate in genuine discussions. Moreover, the process of establishing a website was one that was both time- and money-consuming. Dark ages. I know.

I was aware that I needed to market my company, but I was completely oblivious to the specifics of how this should be accomplished. As a result, I began promoting my modest firm by turning to something that I was already familiar with and enjoyed doing.

 Words and images are included. In 2007, I began to blog. I choose to refer to it as “Journey of a Jeweler.” Yes, I did write a blog about jewellery, but I also wrote about my family, as well as art and interior design. I highlighted my children on a weekly basis in blogs under “family fashion.”

 And they thought it was great! What has happened in the past 20 years? A lesser amount of affection. They are not really enthusiastic about the photographs, the initiatives, or the tales. In point of fact, I have deleted a significant number of my older entries.

I am aware that blogs are quickly becoming obsolete, but social media has quickly become EVERYTHING and is nearly entirely replacing other methods of marketing our company. Taking a picture of something adorable at home and posting it to Instagram is a stupidly simple process.

You might also create a video for TikTok featuring your loved ones. It doesn’t seem harmful, and we are constantly reminded to be approachable and authentic in our interactions with others.

I am not suggesting that you should avoid mentioning your relatives. I’m simply saying be aware. There is a possibility of a charge.

Everything simply gets to be so difficult. The so-called “social media gurus” insist that we should all become storytellers. We need to make ourselves more approachable to the general public. More human.

Therefore, we let individuals into our personal lives in addition to their presence in our professional life. And so we either give out more than we should or overshare something that isn’t really ours to begin with. It’s a pretty thin line to walk there.

Be Human

To put that into perspective. Our advantage over the large box retailers lies in the fact that we are a locally owned and operated small business. The truth is that we ARE human. These are aspects of human nature that we would want to see incorporated into our company.

 This is the distinguishing factor that genuinely sets us different. We are empathetic and have a sense of humour. We are able to be impromptu and eccentric. Our private lives constantly interfere with our professional responsibilities. Which can result in posts that are really amusing at times.

Because of this, we are more approachable, which is an essential quality. Because they have the impression that they know us, we are able to form strong bonds with our clients. And they do so in a variety of ways.

 People are more likely to make purchases from those that they know, like, and trust. You won’t get the same sensation from reading a post on Target’s website. Or perhaps you are… because TARGET! I apologise for the bad example, but I really hope you get my point!

Being a person who can easily connect with others has been an essential component in helping me build my company. From the very beginning, I had the intention of being genuine and genuine. I wanted to demonstrate both my failures and my successes.

 I wanted to offer you a glimpse of what was going on behind the scenes. Show them some of what goes on behind the scenes.

I wished to give potential clients a sense of who I was as well as an understanding of the elements that went into the creations that I was doing, as well as a perspective on the activities that were taking place all around me.

And all of this occurred before platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook made sharing content so much simpler.

All of those were outstandingly positive aspects. They continue to be. This is such a significant benefit to us as we work to establish our brand! Now, let’s circle back to the subject at hand, which is whether or not you should include your children and other members of your family in your internet marketing efforts.

 Be careful about what you post online since everything you put out there will leave a permanent digital trace.

Not even your footprint can be found here. Things that seem adorable, humorous, and cute at the moment may become humiliating in the future. Imagine bullies at school, potential employers in the future, and even college applications.

We also need to give some thought to the lessons that we are passing on to the next generation. I tell my children all the time that I was already active on social media before they were even born.

 And you’re absolutely right! Well, nearly true! It is up to us to serve as examples for them. If kids see that we are constantly publishing images of them online, they can get the impression that they have no control over who sees what information about them online or even that they have no right to privacy.

According to a statistic that I heard, the typical parent posts over 1,500 images of their child to social media before the child’s fifth birthday. That’s completely insane!

It should go without saying that this is in no way comparable to having a personal account that can be accessed by friends and relatives. which is something that I strongly suggest; yet, the caution still applies.

Do you see how insanely difficult this response is to understand? You really must make an effort to appear genuine and approachable. You also need to have a strategy for what information you will reveal and what information you will keep to yourself. You are the name of the company. You get to choose!

Prior to Posting Family Photos on Social Media, Consider the Following

In reference to the brand. Every single one of us has our very own unique brand. Read this post on the author’s site to learn more about the significance of branding. You will first need to settle on certain objectives for the new brand that you are developing.

 That will make it easier for you to maintain consistency with each and every component of your marketing strategy. It is highly recommended that a social media plan be developed in addition to maintaining a mental checklist.

Before I publish anything, I go through this mental checklist and ask myself these questions:

Be in the moment and think before you act. Whether it be in your place of employment or with your family. Avoid making posts “on the fly.”

 Take a picture or a video of the scene. You should hold off on the posting until a later time so that you have more time to carefully consider what it is that you are going to say.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a value to my company from using this photo, video, or post?
  • Is this appropriate for my brand? Does this post contribute to the achievement of those goals? (Just because something is being done by someone else does not indicate that it will work for you.)
  • Are we getting too much information here?

Is it appropriate for ME to convey this story? On a personal level, I have been quite open about my experiences with depression and my fight against breast cancer. Those are the tales I have to tell. As a result of the numerous lessons I’ve learned, I avoid discussing matters pertaining to my family that are not solely mine stories to tell.

Ask permission. It seems that our animals like being the centre of attention. However, before you post anything, check with your loved ones and friends. If they are teenagers, they will CERTAINLY have something to say about the picture; if your children are too little to understand, you might want to leave them out of the discussion.

In the end, it is up to you to choose what strategies are successful for you. Whatever it is that you feel most at ease doing. What brings you the most genuine joy. Simply being yourself in your marketing will make you more approachable and accessible to potential customers.

If we try to model ourselves after something that we have observed functioning well for someone else, we will fail miserably if that behaviour is not in line with who we truly are.

Be you! You have a lot of valuable things to give! You are one of a kind and there is no one else like you. Discover your own unique voice, and then spread it far and wide. Just remember to keep these suggestions in mind before you get started!

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