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You may have a better grasp of how the application process for the Halstead Grant might potentially take your business to the next level by simply answering to the questions that are included on the application.

Regarding the Grant from the Halstead Award

The Halstead Grant was founded in 2006 to provide aspiring jewelers the chance to improve their business skills and offer them with financial support to do so.

Too often, jewelers are so focused on perfecting their creations that they fail to devote the attention that is required to some of the most important aspects of running a jewelry company.

This might have very negative repercussions. As a result, Hilary Halstead Scott came to the conclusion that an award should be created in order to motivate young people interested in the jewelry design industry to give some consideration to how they may effectively manage their firm in the present market.

 As part of the application process for the award, jewelers are provided with direction and assistance as they go through the steps of formulating a company plan, analyzing their marketing, and zeroing in on their long-term goals.

The person who is given the grant will get $7,500 in addition to additional benefits, such as assistance with public relations, a trip to the Halstead Headquarters in Prescott, Arizona, and other opportunities.

In addition, those who make it to the final round of competition will each win $500 for their efforts, while the semi-finalists will receive $250. Individualized feedback on one’s application is provided to each person who advances to the final round of consideration.


In order to be considered for the Halstead Grant, candidates need to have started selling jewelry within the past five years and must have the intention of making selling jewelry their full-time job on a national scale.

Additionally, candidates need to have started selling jewelry within the last five years in order to be eligible for the grant.

You want to establish a collection that is consistent from beginning to end, and it has to contain key components that are made of sterling and/or fine silver.

It is possible to submit an application for those who are either citizens of the United States or have a card proving that they are permanent residents if you are a student or a professional jeweler in the United States.

Be careful you submit an application that has not been tampered with in any way. This includes a completed and signed application form, responses to all of the questions, photographs of your jewelry along with price, explanations of the materials and processes used, and a curriculum vitae.

 The judges would also be interested in viewing some of the marketing materials that your firm has, such as line sheets, tags, and business cards.

There is also the possibility that some applicants may provide examples of their company’s packaging if this helps to establish their brand.

 Be sure to add some pictures of you selling your items at different exhibits and events, as well as some pictures of the usual setup you employ at such events, in your online portfolio.

Put everything in a folder or binder so that you can keep everything organized and give the impression that it is finished and polished. This is the most important stage of the process.

Applications must be postmarked no later than August 1st of each year in order to be considered.

Advisory Opinions Concerning the Grant

Give yourself a considerable amount of time to do the task. We recommend allowing yourself at least one to three months, but the more time you give yourself, the more in-depth and well considered your application may become.

When responding to the inquiries about your eligibility, always be honest. The judges in our competition will do research on your organization and will check for inconsistencies in their findings.

It is important that you provide a response that is both specific and brief for each inquiry. You are free to utilize bullet points as a method of response to a question if you believe this to be the most productive route for you to take.

Presentation does matter! You can keep all of your pages in one place by using a binder, which will not only make it look great but will also ensure that it remains consistent with your brand. Use a spell checker, and have someone else read it through and search for errors as well.

The goal of this competition is not to create the most beautiful jewelry; rather, it is to devise the most successful plan for a jewelry company. The significance of the jewelry designs you produce is comparable to that of the business strategies you devise.

Check out the list of resources and frequently asked questions that are located on the homepage for the award.

Our grant winner from 2017 Kristen Baird has just written a piece for her blog in which she outlines the top 10 tips that she has for applying for grants. If you take her suggestions into consideration, the final version of your application will have a more polished and expert look.

The advice that 2017 Finalist Madeline Michael has to share is to use as many resources as you possibly can for research and first thoughts and observations.

 She offered the following pieces of guidance to those who were interested in applying for the position: “Feel excited about the progress you’re about to make, start early, read the questions over and over again (you’ll think of something new to add each time), push yourself to dive deep, and think of it as a fun creative project, not an intimidating business plan.”


We have assembled a comprehensive list of facts for anybody who may be interested in submitting an application. The program includes hyperlinks to many online resources, some of which are created by Halstead while others come from a variety of other sources.

As you proceed through the process of filling out the form, be sure to double check each of the information that you provide. Our website has a lot of topics that are pertinent to business, and some of those pieces may be able to be of use to you in the future as well.

Utilizing the Halstead Jewelry Business Toolkit is your best shot for being prepared to submit your application for the award.

There is no other way. It will walk you through a whole business plan in a step-by-step format, and the application will include many questions that are fairly comparable to those presented above.

In addition to this, we have put up a PDF aid guide that contains other recommendations and sources of information.

Inspiring words and useful advice from previously competing athletes who have reached the finals

Who better to ask about the Halstead Grant than some of the people who have already been given it in the past? As a result of just completing the application, a good many of them have reported experiencing an increase in their sense of self-assurance about both their business and the goals they have set for themselves.

Take a look at what the following individuals who applied for the Halstead Grant had to say about their experiences when they were in the running for the award:

My eyes have been opened as a result of working on the application and acquiring a new point of view on the situation.

As a result of the time I have invested in researching every aspect of my company, from its designs and finances to its operations and personnel, I have been able to pave the way for my brand and dream even bigger than I ever imagined was feasible.

This has allowed me to construct a path for my brand and dream even bigger than I ever imagined was possible. The amount of effort I have devoted to analyzing each and every aspect of my company has made this accomplishment feasible. – 2017 Winner Kristen Baird

“It was extremely helpful for me to just clear some time in my agenda to think about the course of action that my firm is going to take and all of the steps that would be required to actually make it happen. – 2016 Winner Niki Grandics

“Prior to starting the application process, I had been concentrating on achieving a few distinct goals before I started working on my application. On the other side, being able to see the bigger picture has been of huge aid to me in terms of going forward with things.” – 2015 Winner Samantha Skelton

“Writing the grant helped me to formulate my ideas into an actionable strategy, which improved my ability to achieve my goals. The fact that they have given me the opportunity to put my ideas into reality is an incredible privilege, and I cannot thank them enough for providing me with this opportunity. – 2014 Winner Erica Bello

“Filling out the grant application was one of the most time-consuming and challenging things I have ever done for my firm, but it was also one of the most rewarding things!” The questions are quite difficult, and the application process took a large amount of time, but all in all, it was a really valuable experience to have gone through!

When I performed the math, it was eye-opening for me to find what it would take for my firm to establish a sustainable long-term strategy and offer a comfortable living for myself. I was able to uncover this by discovering what it would take for my company to build a viable long-term plan. – 2017 Finalist Alexandra Lozier

One of the advantages of going through this process is the opportunity it provides to think about your existing business and the measures that need to be taken in order to develop it into a strong brand in the future.

It’s nearly exactly like having a blank business plan template in front of you! – Emily Shaffer, who came in first place in 2018 after being a finalist in 2017

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